Abraaj Al Khaleej

  • Location

    Doha, Qatar

  • Client

    Al Jaber

  • Team

    Designed with SOM, London as Studio Head / Senior Designer

  • Size

    225,220 m² (2,424,250 ft²)
    60 storeys, 250m tall
    510 Apartments, 190 Hotel Rooms

The Abraaj Al Khaleej project is a mixed-use design comprised of a 60 storey residential tower, 25 storey hotel and serviced apartments, 28 storey office tower, retail, souk and 3 levels of parking for 1500 cars.  The design parti is centered around a retail souk focus, with multiple sunken levels and water for environmental comfort.  The three towers are object-like in nature, iconic on the skyline of Doha.  The central souk was covered by a retractable canopy.

The project proposes two alternative exterior wall treatments for the massing:  Option 1 : The scheme looked to create a harmonious palette of similar materials throughout the project offset by the dynamic geometry of the buildings. The hotel building would be predominantly stone with glazed portions of vision glass and spandrel glass. The residential tower looks to emphasise its vertical nature with floor to floor curtain wall glazing and stone at both the top and bottom of the building. The office building would be a mixture of curtain wall glass and metal panels, the coloration to compliment both the office and residential buildings.  All of the buildings utilise a stepping feature on the plans to emphasise the importance of orientation and views.  Option 2 : The scheme takes the identical massing of option 1 but looks at the buildings as a series of textures. The hotel building is again predominantly stone with a series of deep alternating punched openings over the façade, creating an offset, animated pattern. The residential tower is comprised of 1mx1m curtain wall modules with an alternating inset both in depth and orientation, giving the building a shimmering appearance, much like a crystal as the sun and light move across its surface. The office building is a simple rectilinear massing with curtain wall and spandrel panels again complimenting the hotel and residential buildings.