Facade Prototype

  • Location

    Dubai, UAE

  • Client

    Prototypical Exterior Wall Design

  • Team

    Designed with AS+GG as Senior Architect

  • Size

    60 storeys

This prototypical exterior wall study was designed to develop a façade type that responds passively to the solar gains of a coastal desert climate with increased thermal mass and deep protected openings.

The wall is conceived as a series of interlocking, L-shaped, pre-cast concrete elements that are structural and act as horizontal sun shading through the use of an A-B system allowing the floor above to provide shading to the glazing below.  Vertical sun shading devices are added to those facades impacted by low angle east and west sun.

The A-B system and the saw tooth design combine to provide a signature woven texture, reminiscent of the layering of Islamic calligraphy and architectural devices such as muqarnas.   The texture is altered within the 1.5m module at the mechanical floors and the lobby to compose the tower and respond to the needs of the use enclosed on those floors. The system is designed to work with a variety of simple massing shapes and further development is on-going for other programme typologies, such as residential and hotel.