Jin Mao

  • Location

    Shanghai, China

  • Client

    China Shanghai Foreign Trade Center Co. LTD.

  • Team

    Project Design Architect with SOM, Chicago

  • Size

    287,365 m² (3,093,190 ft²)
    88 storeys, 421m tall

The Jin Mao Tower, situated as the centerpiece of Shanghai’s Pudong Financial District recalls historic Chinese pagoda forms, and today serves as a model for supertall tower designs throughout Asia.  The building’s programme is comprised of 50 floors of office and a Grand Hyatt hotel of 38 floors featuring a magnificent open atrium.

The design of the main office lobby is based on a geode, solid and strong, with primary axial openings revealing an intricately designed and detailed interior, lush with gold leaf, polished stainless steel trellises and travertine paving.  Concentric, stepped ceiling forms frame this center focus, washing down the exterior vertical with a stepped wooden paneled wall, punctuated with back-lit apertures.  Marking the entrances are 8 monolithic super-columns, clad in polished black granite, symbolising the strength of the building.

The paving pattern, it’s genesis within the geode center of the building, radiates out into the site with a traditional systematic precision, creating a harmonious carpet, utilising traditional pinwheel motifs along with a zigzag main pattern symbolising Chinese wooden screens.  The planters follow this armature; custom design feature benches and an elliptical travertine fountain serve as architectural markers throughout the lushly landscaped site.