Kirkstall Road

  • Location

    Leeds, UK

  • Client

    West Properties

  • Team

    Designed with SOM, London as Studio Head / Senior Designer

  • Size

    130,000 m² (1,399,308 ft²)
    36 storeys, 145m tall
    925 Apartments, 200 Hotel Rooms

The Kirkstall Road Project comprises 4 luxury residential towers oriented in a pin-wheel axial pattern taking advantage of strategic views.  Each tower sits on a 5 story podium, creating major entrances fronting the central plaza at the heart of the project.  Each podium geometry generates a central landscaped courtyard, with access from the secondary streets.  The project is bounded by Kirkstall Road to the north and the River Aire to the south, where a riverfront promenade is created.  Podium programme along Kirkstall Road is comprised of a business hotel and commercial office; the podiums along the River Aire are made up of courtyard residential, community facilities and riverside restaurants.  The tower heights step down from the tallest central tower, creating a visual and massing hierarchy for the development.  Unit prototypes are created to accentuate the modular vision of the project, landscaped roofs with tenant accessible gardens, along with an iconic health club / spa atop the tallest tower, serve to create a dynamic 5th façade.

The typical tower and podium structure is designed as a flat-slab concrete and column arrangement to minimise cost and maximise unit ceiling heights.  The typical units are arranged along a central corridor with building cores located at inset corners to allow for the greatest exterior wall for the units. Each podium is raised up off of the street level to allow for privacy for ground floor units and integrate natural ventilation of the car parking levels below. The exterior wall system for both tower and podium is made up of a “kit of parts” modulation in sychronisiation with the typical unit module.  A standard metal frame brackets the individual exterior modules; inset with sliding doors, typical windows and a spandrel glass panel comprised of horizontal and vertical frit and a back panel of dichroic film on an insulated metal panel.