Kingdom Tower Retail Mall

  • Location

    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  • Client

    Jeddah Economic Company

  • Team

    Designed with AS+GG, Chicago as Design Director

  • Size

    141,835 m² (1,526,699 ft²)
    4 storeys, 46m tall

The project is located in Kingdom City, a newly planned major urban development at the northern edge of the City of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, adjacent to the Red Sea and Jeddah Creek. The Kingdom Tower Retail Mall, together with the iconic Kingdom Tower, is located in the center of this urban development, which includes twelve ancillary parcels.

The project consists of a 46m tall Retail Mall, with 3 retail levels, one back of house and MEP level, and three basement levels. The Retail Mall program includes department stores, restaurants, entertainment zones, a food court, prayer rooms, and outdoor terrace. The retail mall is organised along a “looped” arrangement anchored to the north and south by two secondary atriums and in the center by a primary main atrium. The main atrium is the center piece of the project, connecting the main entrances along Canal Street and the Kingdom Tower Experience located under the office drop-off and lobby of the tower with a primary retail corridor. The two secondary atriums provide a second set of retail corridors linking the tower and retail mall at concourse level. Tertiary corridors running north and south link the three atriums at levels 1 and 2.

The exterior wall of the retail mall is designed to work as a cohesive whole, accentuating each major façade in relationship to adjacent surroundings. The roof creates a sophisticated geometric profile and presents itself as a “fifth façade” to persons looking down from the Kingdom Tower above. The canal street façade is comprised of 6 large metal and glass walls, symmetrically spreading out from a cylindrical glass “clerestory” armature. These 6 walls simulate a wave form and unfolding set of petals. Each will be installed with a custom LED lighting system integrated into the façade frame, creating a vibrant media spectacle enhancing marketing potential and creating a distinct architectural presence at Canal Street. An expansive elevated berm comprised of travertine panels connecting the concourse and level 1 vehicular drop-offs. The concourse entrance is an arched cut into the travertine berm, with metal and glass storefronts.

The roof design is based on a simple barrel vault parti, symmetrical in geometry gently rising up at the central main atrium, curving down at the north and south edges. There are two identical depressions at the north and south secondary atriums allowing for expansive areas of louvers for the level 3 mechanical spaces, these facades utilise a custom horizontal architectural louver sand screen. At the leading edge of all roof surfaces there is a sloping metal panel system designed to minimise the overall roof profile, accentuating the curvilinear nature of the roof. The general material of the roof is a sand coloured precast concrete panel system for ease of maintenance and to minimise construction joints. Situated at the north, south and main atrium are a series of prefabricated pyramidal metal and glass skylights, oriented towards the sun. These skylights are designed to bounce light into the atriums and create a dynamic three dimensional pattern on the roof as seen from the tower above.