Downtown Doha, Phase 1B

  • Location

    Downtown Doha, Qatar

  • Client

    Msheireb Properties

  • Team

    Designed with Mossessian & Partners, as Design Director

  • Size

    48,750 m² (524,700 ft²)
    128 Apartments

The guiding design principle for the Msheireb Downtown Doha Masterplan is to regenerate the centre of Doha, encouraging its citizens to embrace modern urban living within a vibrant 21st century city that is inspired by Qatari architectural history.  Barahat Al Nouq is the primary public space of the masterplan and is designed as an urban room, referencing the traditional Qatari majlis and functioning as a multi-purpose gathering space.  Defining the north and south sides of the plaza, the building facades of illuminated onyx create a signature space at the heart of the city.

The mixed-use development comprises 15,150m² of office,  7,000m² of restaurants and high-end retail and  26,600m² of residential use.  The buildings are designed as carved limestone with chiseled facades to capture views and maintain privacy.  A deep colonnade protects pedestrians from the daytime sun and sculpted semi-private courtyards provide sanctuaries for the residents.  Dramatic cantilevered canopies sail above the buildings to shade the facades and the Baraha, defining the ceiling of the urban room and completing the limestone sculpture.

Solar panels on the roof of each of the buildings together with the large canopies, greenspace of resilient native species, carefully selected materials and strategically orientated openings all serve to achieve a LEED Gold rating for the buildings.