Pribinova Riverfront Masterplan

  • Location

    Bratislava, Slovakia

  • Client

    Ballymore Properties

  • Team

    Designed with SOM, London as Studio Head / Senior Designer

  • Size

    200,000 m² (2,152,600 ft²)
    15 hectare site

The Pribinova Riverfront Masterplan extends the historical city to the River Danube through a vibrant new mixed-use development comprising retail, leisure, residential and office.  Pedestrian friendly streets, a new riverfront park and major public plaza set the framework for a primary retail precinct designed as a collection of integrated open spaces protected from the extremes of climate.

The retail offer creates three distinct longitudinal streets related to the mixed-use programme above; Pribinova Boulevade is a commercial street with office lobbies and support retail, the riverfront street accommodates residential entrances, restaurants and hotel lobby and the central pedestrianised street is designed as a high-fashion retail precinct arranged over two levels.  Connected into these streets and the major public plaza are cinemas, hypermarket, specialist retail pavilions and a cultural centre.

Extensive wind, sun and natural light studies were undertaken in conjunction with the engineering team to use passive design principles to create a sustainable urban district. Pedestrianised streets, cycle paths and connections to public transport collectively serve to reduce the reliance on private vehicles.