• About RHA

    Rutherford Harvey Architecture (RHA) is an RIBA Chartered architectural practice founded by Kaaren Rutherford and Christopher Harvey who collectively possess in-excess of 35 years experience with some of the world’s leading architectural practices and projects executed in the UK, USA, South America, Europe, the Middle East and China.  Our vision for RHA is to continue to provide the high level of personal service our client’s expect and contribute to the development of architecture, bringing fresh ideas to enhance our cities and communities.

    We collaborate with world leading practices in mechanical systems and structural engineering together with other key consultants, executive architects and contractors to maintain a successful team of professionals delivering world-class medium to large-scale projects both within the UK and around the world.

    As highly skilled and hands-on professionals both Kaaren and Chris actively participate in all aspects of the design process to ensure innovative, well considered and effectively executed architectural solutions to meet their client’s unique and varied requirements.  Our practice is designed to be highly mobile and flexible, utilising the latest technology to provide quality personal service, design excellence and full commitment from design concept through to completion and beyond.

    Our philosophy centres around our experience in high quality, urban mixed-use developments, focusing on the improvement of our cities and communities, enhancing the existing built environment, improving public spaces and amenities and developing new architectural models to respond to the changing ways we live, work and play.  We believe in:

  • Philosophy

    Progressive Performance Based Design promoting embodied sustainability and process driven architectural solutions focused on creating better spaces and places for people.

    Collaborative Design maintaining close relationships with consultants, contractors, planners, developer clients and fellow architects to ensure design excellence, the promotion of advanced technologies and a greater synergy between all disciplines.

    Advanced Procurement Strategies to reduce risk, provide cost certainty and develop new products and construction strategies for 21st century homes, workplaces and institutions.

    Supporting the Densification of Cities encouraging strategically located high-rise development to reduce costs and energy related to infrastructure and urban sprawl, promoting a permeable, open and accessible public realm.

    Enhanced Public Realm creating walkable cities with actively connected indoor and outdoor public spaces, increased green spaces and integrated public works of art, theatre and culture.

    Adaptive Re-Use to bring the wealth of existing building stock back into use in a sustainable way; reducing energy consumption and resource depletion whilst promoting investment in the existing urban fabric.

    Prototypical Database documenting designed architectural models as a resource to promote the continued development and understanding of design, acknowledging the changing needs of modern living.