Urban Prototype - Spinningfields

  • Location

    Manchester, UK

  • Client

    Allied London

  • Team

    Designed with SOM, London as Studio Head / Senior Designer

  • Size

    45,000 m² (484,375 ft²)
    32 storeys, 136m tall

Spinningfields was a competition for a new development area in Manchester, UK.  The programme was for a 45,000 m² office building to accommodate 6 tenants with the emphasis on the architectural design to provide for unique tenant identity and address.

The concept was based on an “Urban Prototype” where standardised leasespans and overall floor plate maximum and minimum sizes were established.  The floor to floor height was set at 3.6m, both leasespan and height being adaptable to a wide range of building uses:  Residential, Hotel, Office.   The building massing is then adjusted based on site constraints, orientation and key views to establish the basic building geometry (triangular, rectangular, etc.) and is stepped, creating the opportunity for central courtyards, landscaped roof terraces, and hierarchy of tenant addresses.

It is envisaged that the building can be adjusted over its lifetime to adapt and adjust to market needs, conversions being possible through flat slab concrete construction (knock out slab), exterior wall adjustments based on tenant program type (balconies).  The Urban Prototype can be applied to a myriad of city environments with exterior wall expressions adapted to take full advantage of site specific environmental conditions.