Wenzhou Qi Du Island Retail Village

  • Location

    Wenzhou Qi Du Island, China

  • Client


  • Team

    Rutherford Harvey Architecture / 2Define

  • Size

    Retail Village 45,140m² (485,835ft²)
    Retail Mall 19,980m² (215,040ft²)
    Podium Retail 21,600m² (232,480ft²)

The new masterplan for the site celebrates the ‘water city’ of Wenzhou, introducing a network of canals, pedestrianised streets and gardens that overlook the river with views towards the city centre and surrounding mountains, creating a new memorable place and destination for Wenzhou.

Three primary canals organise the site with the principle canal extended from the existing masterplan, the north canal creates the new marina park and the southern canal animates the southern residential garden.  Pedestrian walkways and plazas are aligned and woven through the network of canals creating a vibrant public realm into which retail pavilions are set establishing a retail village.

Floating as lanterns in the water the retail village is a collection of 2-4 story boutique fashion stores with glass pavilion cafes and restaurants creating a destination shopping district.  Approaching the retail village, grand staircases raise people above the lower canal, flanked on either side by waterfalls, to a unique and tranquil place.  The component based retail elements interlock in a stacked pinwheel configuration, as either stand- alone units, shared retail clusters or coupled together to provide larger retail floorplates.  The pinwheel configuration allows for a multi-fronted retail pod that works with the network of pedestrian pathways, greenspace, plazas and sitting areas creating a relaxed experiential retail environment that is complemented by the more conventional retail mall below.

The 20,000m² shopping mall below the village connects directly to the lower canal walk, office lobby and retail village via sunken gardens.  1800 car parking spaces are accessed directly from the lower canal level allowing the retail village to remain a pedestrianised precinct.
The retail village extends to a new marina and marina park that provides parking for boats, water taxi and ferry connections to the city.  The marina park is a destination for family gathering with panoramic views of the river, mountains, city and Jiangxin Temple.