Wolf Point

  • Location

    Chicago, USA

  • Client

    Independent Design Study

  • Team

    Designed with AS+GG, Chicago as Design Director

  • Size

    +140 Storeys, +2500 feet tall

The Wolf Point project is located at the intersection of the North branch and main stem of the Chicago River. The prominence of the site called for an iconic, supertall building maximising the allowable height. The site has historically been unoccupied due to the constricted nature of the site geometries, along with the scale and access restrictions of adjacent developments to the north.  The scope and programme of the building was envisioned as a beacon for the city, a mixed-use project, encompassing office, hotel, luxury residential and telecommunications.  The skyline profile of the tower serves to compliment the bookended nature of the Chicago skyline anchored by the Sears Tower and John Hancock Center; Wolf Point becoming the center focus of the city.

The tower is based on a three-petal design parti, ideal for residential and hotel programme stepped in a spiral as the tower ascends, providing for greater wind load mitigation along with creating a varied skyline profile.  The structure is a center-core, concrete hexagon with buttressed shear walls, stepped when the tower petals setback.  The programme is dispersed within the massing with office at the base, hotel above and luxury residential at the top of the building.  The base of the building is split into three distinct lobbies with separate drop-offs, meeting rooms and riverfront promenade.