Tianjin Yujiapu Parcel 6

  • Location

    Tianjin, China

  • Client


  • Team

    Designed with AS+GG, Chicago as Design Director

  • Size

    116,000 m² (1,248,613 ft²)
    45 storeys, 160m tall

The project design is for the first phase, Parcel 6 of the Yujiapu Financial District, part of the Binhai New Area CBD Master Plan in Tianjin, China.  The master plan, developed by SOM, looks to transform the old industrial port of Beijing into a redeveloped new city centre to the southeast of Tianjin City, linked to the capital city via high-speed rail.  The Binhai Master Plan comprises a comprehensive infrastructure system incorporating a series of mixed-use high-rise developments augmented by open spaces.  The high-density plan was developed to high principles of sustainable design.

Parcel 6 occupies the northwest corner of Phase 1 of the development, fronting a landscaped park along the Haihe River.  The project program comprises Office, Commercial, Residential and Retail.  The concept design looks to develop 2 different architectural and site arrangement strategies to provide maximum flexibility.
Scheme 1: Stepped Crescent creates a dynamic architectural expression, sweeping north to south, providing panoramic river views.  The program stacks vertically up the massing with the residential located at the top, taking advantage of the stepped profile of the building creating lush, landscaped terraces for the tenants.  The façade design looks to create a “saw-tooth” expression, creating inset balconies and shading components, allowing for the horizontal flow of building elements to be maintained, enhancing the fluid nature of the design.

Scheme 2: Stone Frame creates a strong geometric architectural typology arranging the massing into distinct blocks.  The office components are made up of dual floor framed components, while the residential tower expresses verticality, wrapped by continuous balconies.  The retail component appears as a sinuous “folly” within the landscaping.  Both schemes strive to create a memorable skyline profile, enhancing the dynamic nature of the site within its riverside setting.